“Jambo na Karibuni” (“Hello & Welcome”). This friendly Swahili greeting will be your introduction to all the new friends and acquaintances you make on safari in Kenya. As you plan for the safari ahead we suggest you run through the information that follows so that you get the most out of your exclusive safari. Kenya is rightfully described as “All of Africa in One Country”, and it is exactly that. It is a fact that Kenya enjoys some of the world’s greatest environmental diversity resulting in unparalleled species and sub-species varieties.

Kenya is simply the best wildlife viewing destination in Africa. People from all over the world are drawn here by its essence: the chance to immerse yourself in the spectacle of the big game: the predators and the prey ritually entwined in a cycle of life and death. Kenya straddles the Equator with geography ranging from snowcapped Mt. Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, to lush tropical rainforest and golden sands at sea level. Kenya is a land of contrasts and extremes: a country with an extraordinary variety of landscapes and locations, all of them striking in their own particular way. It has earned the epithet ‘the cradle of mankind’ for the discovery of archaeological evidence of the earliest origins of mankind. Kenya not only boasts every known landform but also a wealth of animal and bird life which owes its very existence to the contrasts in the country’s terrain. You do not have to be an ornithologist to enjoy its one thousand species of birds or a zoologist to be amazed by its variety of animals – birds range from the beautiful to the bizarre and the wildlife from the weird to the wonderful…

We are among the last generations to have the opportunity to experience the vanishing cultures of East Africa. Kenya is the tribal home to 45 different ethnic groups, some still living exactly as their ancestors did thousands of years ago. You can immerse yourself in the ways and culture of some of Africa’s proudest and most striking tribes.

Kenya has 480 kilometers of Indian Ocean coastline and a coral fringe reef, which is home to a colorful plethora of marine life. You can explore its balmy waters by dhow, yacht or powerboat; dive, snorkel and swim in the clear azure waters over fabulous coral beds; hunt for Marlin, Tuna and Sailfish or explore the mangrove swamps and creeks where the cycle begins. The coast is home to a striking mix of people and cultures with beautiful ancient architecture contrasting with the modern da bustle of the 21st century.